Born in Riga, Latvia, Alise Rudevica is a photographer, currently  living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2015 she graduated from  Edinburgh College of Art with First Class BA (Hons) in Photography and received the Helen A. Rose Bequest Award for distinguished final year work. In 2016 she was nominated for Magnum and Photo London’s Graduate Photographer Award.

Most of Alise’s work focuses on people and a particular moment of time in one’s life, where she as aphotographer intends to create a pseudo-documentary quality – an atmosphere which rises questions and makes a viewer want to look behind the layers of obvious. She prefers working with the analogue photography and its aesthetics. Through her work her main intention is to transform human’s emotional experience into a visual capsule of things, places, moments and narratives, which hold their own rhythm of time and memory.

Alise is currently working on her ongoing project - a photographic series, which examines the history of her family or an individual member in a family. Photographs she captures act as a reminder of her place within her family and a reassurance that she is still taking part in their life despite her physical absence while living abroad.

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