The project examines how femininity manifests through aging and how women highlight their sensuality when realizing the changes of their own physical bodies. Each image serves as an individual, perhaps a contrasting narrative, which reflects how we place ourselves in relation with our own body and appearance – despite the ideals set by the society towards a certain age. The subject matter of the series She is all kinds of age is inspired from my own personal observations, feelings and fear of aging. I am interested in different ways of depicting women, as well as how they see themselves and represent their own emotions and attitude – through their poses, gaze and choice of clothes they wear.

I asked the sitters to dress in a way that makes them feel feminine without a strong intention to lead or stage them. It was important for me to capture their own vision of themselves – as a woman and individuality with all their insecurity or self-confidence, or some certain type of solitariness they own. Through the process the focus shifted from their age to women expressing themselves as individuals where the body and physical appearance becomes as an external, less significant attribute in life - showing these women as strong and at the same time vulnerable individuals. 

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