Their conversations about relatives and gypsies, the kitten from which we all got fleas, her grandmother’s dress that made her look as an odd, geometric form... These images serve as evidence and interpretation of a four - year history of a family, or rather of an individual in a family. They act as a reminder of my place within my family and the reassurance that I am still taking part in their life despite my physical absence. Through capturing their everyday life I am discovering and preserving what makes me who I am.

The flow of time is paradoxical, when being away from home it seems that time does not exist, that it has frozen until I come back, and when I leave, everything will be as I left it. Yet it never is.

My intention, through these photographs, is to probe into the deep and subtle relationship, which I miss on a daily basis. Our emotional experience transforms into a visual capsule of things, places, moments and conversations, which hold their own rhythm of time and memory.

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